Technest Malaga Headquarters

Project Development: CBRE – Manuel Lloret Martínez

Architect: Kusha Ghoreishi – Quark Arquitectura

Promoter: Technest Solutions

Photography: Gonzalo Gámiz

Year: 2021

Work Team: Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect), Luís Rodríguez Torres (Engineer)

Contractor: CBRE

Location: Avenida de Andalucía, 4 (Málaga)


The design of the new headquarters seeks to spatially adapt the new working modes implemented by the company: a completely open space, in which workers can decide where and how to work, through the implementation of intermediate relax spaces, with a intermediate core for meeting rooms. Materiality takes on special importance in this project: combining concrete, textiles and white, a minimalist and neutral space is created, in which the vegetation and the use of oak wood add a natural touch to the proposal. Collaborative spaces take on special importance, with the creation of a tiered space for holding virtual conferences, and a games area, linked to the dining area, whose presence of vegetation makes it a space that dialogues in line with the outdoor park, introducing it in the office itself.