New offices in PTA

Project Development: CBRE – Manuel Lloret Martínez

Architect: Kusha Ghoreishi – Quark Arquitectura

Promoter: Private

Photography: Quark Arquitectura / Gonzalo Gámiz

Year: 2019 – 2021

Work Team: Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect), Luís Rodríguez Torres (Engineer), Roberto Malouf Ramos (Project Manager)

Contractor: ADQA

Location: Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía


The need for growth of this company in Malaga is the germ of a project in which the multinational seeks to create new workspaces according to an adequate and healthy design. Maintaining the design criteria of the brand, open work spaces are generated locally divided by meeting room spaces that open towards them, acting as a separation between the different departments located in the workspaces, in which color will act as a recognizing element of each unit. In addition, great importance is given to the visibility of the company, generating an access space in the lobby that communicates the entire proposal, incorporating a wow effect to the vegetation and materiality that is capable of humanizing and scaling the entrance space, making it also in a meeting spot. Collaborative spaces are given great importance, introducing touchdown zones and coffee points for holding informal meetings, as well as the canteen space, which through the use of color and vegetation make the office a cozier space.