Escuela Digital en Tabacalera

Architect – Project execution: Kusha Ghoreishi – Quark Arquitectura

Basic Project: AECOM

Promoter: Municipal Management of Urban Planning of Malaga.

Photography: Gonzalo Gámiz

Year: 2021

Work Team: Celia Gil Gallardo (Architect), Luís Rodríguez Torres (Engineer), Antonio J. García Amat (Technical Architect) and Jose Gabriel Bayo Barranco (Technical Architect)

Contractor: UTE: Actua Infraestructuras – Collosa

Location: Tabacalera Building, Av de Sor Teresa Prat, 15, 29003 Málaga


The commission consists of preparing the Execution Project for the Reform of the E3 premises on the first floor of the Old Royal Tobacco Factory in Malaga.
With a total area of ​​1986 m², the premises include uses and facilities linked to teaching activity, being the project of a Programmers Campus, and the following functional program:

  • Classrooms. They are the areas in which the students work and make up a space of study areas and individual and autonomous learning for the students.
  • Workshops. They are versatile and flexible spaces that complement the classrooms. Within this category we can highlight:
  • Open meeting area: versatile and flexible space for presentations or talks. It will conform to the necessary activities.
  • Collaboration zones: flexible space for open collaborative work for students, where they can share and discuss ideas about different projects.
  • Rest areas. Recreational or rest space. This area is enabled so that students have the option of resting.
  • Support spaces, such as changing rooms, bathrooms or warehouses and shower areas for students.