Architects: Kusha Ghoreishi – Quark Arquitectura

Promoter:  Symrise

Contractor: Cyrsur

Work Team: Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect), Luís Rodríguez Torres (Engineer)

Location: Armilla, Granada

Year: 2.022


The project takes place on the ‘C3’ administration building second floor of the Symrise Company, which is dedicated to the fields of fragrances, flavors, food, nutrition and cosmetic ingredients.

In this floor, the offices perfumes company and testers are located. The functional programme, includes technical rooms for aromas and products testing and products, as well as meeting spaces and adjacent uses (collaborative spaces, coffee point, office, etc.).

The project leitmotiv is to evoke fragrances through the use of curved and transparent movements, inspired by the organic shapes of the spaces that reflect the aroma essence of the products made by the company.

The presence of vegetation and biophilic design and an air quality exhaustive control, seeks to enhance a sensory experience linked to fragrances and aromas when the space is traversed by employees, visitors and company customers.