Housing for Youth Q BUILDING

Architects: Kusha Ghoreishi / Guillermo Casado

Work team: Alessandro Sannicoló, Ana Belén Pabón (Engineer)

Promoter: Primer Jardín S.L.

Contractor: Estepruna SL.

Colaborators: Francisco Bombarely, Juan Carlos Lozano (arquitectos técnicos),

Photographs: Quark Arquitectura.

Location: C/ Balbina Valverde, Málaga.

Budget: 500.000€

Year: 2010


The project arises from the particular form of the plot and the program of needs of the promoter to require the maximum building use without renouncing the criteria of sustainable architecture and high energy efficiency. We choose to adopt a solution to economize vertical routes and connections through two patios that, at the same time, allow us to provide natural light and cross ventilation to all units.

The enclosures are designed to take advantage of their maximum thermal inertia in the interior spaces as a measure of energy efficiency. The roof at different levels allows us to individualize independent terraces for all the houses visually connected to each other to facilitate the neighborhood ties.

Graphical documentation: