Astan Quds Museum Mashad

Kusha Ghoreishi
Kamran Diba

Work team:
Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect)
Francisco Delgado Martín (Infographics)

Mashad (Iran)


Restricted Competition


2º Prize

The project arises from the need to unify all existing art centers in the city in a single space, which will be located next to the Imam Reza Mosque in Mashhad. The architectural idea arises from the respect for the monument itself, which will make the building create an introspective space, in which the spatial importance resides in its interior, through the creation of a large central courtyard in which, through a series of walkways that connect the spaces of the museum with each other, all encompassed by a dome that closes it by the roof; on the outside, in contrast, the building looks like a fortress, a blind facade that opens onto the interior in certain points, making the exterior gardens integrated into the interior landscape of the building.

Graphical documentation: