Biodomotic Project

In this case study the Energy Rehabilitation of the “Guajiro” farm is exposed. To do this, energy simulations have been carried out using software (Energy +) before and after the construction process.

The rehabilitation of the home, with a design based on the needs of a person suffering from SQM and EHS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity) syndromes, establishes its premises in the control of indoor air quality and proper ventilation of the home. the spaces.

Due to these conditions, the innovation of the Active Systems employed (solar collector of air, biomass stoves), as well as the anticipated Passive Systems, through the use of ecological, innocuous and odorless materials (cork, lime, cellulose) make the Dynamic thermal simulation acquires a greater degree of complexity.

To test the accuracy of the simulations, a low-cost device has been designed and built to measure temperature and humidity over long periods (more than a month). These custom construction sensors have been installed in different rooms to compare the actual temperature and humidity with the simulations. This data and the data obtained from the meteorological station closest to the building will help the authors to calibrate the model simulated in Energy +, in this way the architects and engineers can adopt optimized solutions for future interventions.

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