Architect: Kusha Ghoreishi

Promoter: ITRS Spain, SL

Work team:
Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect)
David Hidalgo (Light designer)

Contractor: KAURI Natural Concept SL

Photographs: Quark Arquitectura

Location: Paseo de los Tilos, 9, Málaga


The search to meet the needs of the ITRS Spain SL company is intertwined with that of providing the office with a relaxed, adequate and healthy environment for a work space.

For this, a general study is made of the space where the office will be inserted. The optimal conditions to create an office with the highest design qualities and functional requirements are studied and the industrial character of the building where it is inserted is respected. In this way, the glazed open space prevails, surrounded by plant elements that improve the quality and performance of the workers, where each zone is delimited by the different pavements and light levels.