Gibralfaro Homes

Kusha Ghoreishi

Team Work:
Francisco J. Corbacho Mata (Architect)
Celia Gil Gallardo (Architect)
Luis Rodríguez Torres (Engineer)



Restricted Competition


The residential complex of houses has a contemporary image with white finishes of Mediterranean architecture and latticework details that filter the light. This solution with plant elements and large terraces enhances the overall image. The presence of green and latticework, provide a young and current image, allows creating a fresh and pleasant environment in the common areas of the residential and in the urban environment, currently densified and impersonal. The promotion is carried out on a plot with a unique morphology and a strong unevenness, so special attention has been paid to the adaptation of the functional program to the regulations. Likewise, in the construction solution, special importance is given to reducing costs in excavations, earthworks and containment of slopes, adapting the intervention to the existing topography.