Cofaran Energy Consulting


Energy Optimization of the Office Building

Location: Málaga, Spain

Date: 2016


In order to improve the building’s energy efficiency, different strategies were tested through thermal simulation. The objective was to quantify their profitability based on the savings they provided and the investment they required, thus facilitating the decision making process of the company.

As a conclusion of the study, two strategies were selected:The first one was related to the large hall, since it presented the highest demand for air conditioning of all spaces of the building and accommodated only one worker. The proposed strategy was to build a closed individual work space that could be independently heated, being able to increase the margin of the temperatures in the rest of the space.

The second strategy was related to the windows, which were not adequately shaded and were not viable, so natural ventilation was impossible.By implementing the two strategies in the building, it is possible to reduce their heating and cooling consumption by 22% and 62% respectively.Note that improvements related to construction systems did not produce significant savings.