Inauguración de Auditorio para empresa Accenture en PTA

Inauguration of multipurpose room for Accenture company in PTA coinciding with the 25th anniversary.

Open House PTA The PTA president, José Luis Ruiz Espejo; the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the president of Accenture in Spain, Portugal and Israel, Juan Pedro Moreno; and the CEO of Accenture Technology, Adán Plaza, have attended this day. During the event, attendees were able to experience some of the “most innovative” projects in technology, including the latest in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Internet of Things (iOT), robotics, which are developed from the PTA, in addition to knowing the facilities and equipment. Ruiz Espejo has valued the appointment as “a good time to value the leading projects that are developed in the PTA, and an opportunity to strengthen ties between companies that live in the technopolis and get to know each other better.” Likewise, he has highlighted his “satisfaction” because the park has had Accenture for 20 years “a leading company in the development of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence and quality employment, two of the main objectives of the PTA”. For his part, the mayor underlined “the importance for Malaga that companies such as Accenture choose it as one of the spaces for its cutting-edge technological development and for its international business projection”. De la Torre has related the expansion in the city of this company “with the professional and human quality of specialists from Malaga and other Andalusian locations.” Attendees, workers and entrepreneurs of the technopolis, in addition to knowing the cutting-edge technology projects that are developed from the PTA, have been able to exchange ideas in a relaxed manner, and generate synergies with some of its neighboring companies.

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