VÉLEZ MÁLAGA Early Intervention Center

Architects: Carmen Medina Molina – Kusha Ghoreishi

Work team:
Guillermo Casado López (Architect -Structure Calculus)
Gonzalo García Hermoso (Architect)
Ana Belén Pabón (Engineer)

Promoter: Ayuntamiento de Vélez Málaga

Contractor: Almisol SA.

Budget: 350.000 euros

Location: C/ Aloe Vera, Vélez Málaga, Málaga

Year: 2010-2011


The plot allows us a favorable orientation of the building. The offices have been designed through open and bright spaces with large windows to the exterior. The white color of the facade, predominant in the local architecture, is combined with the reddish coating of the roof skylights, sliding with the overhead light bathing the interior spaces with a game of colors.

The south facade is protected by the setback of the main access and the eaves of slats in the office areas. The North façade will have no protection and will allow natural lighting throughout the center’s operating hours. The skylights on the roof have been designed with the most suitable inclination to capture solar radiation.