The Energy Consulting services offered by Quark consist of:


Using computer software with an EnergyPlus calculation engine, developed by the US Department of Energy. (U.S. DOE), in Quark we perform thermal simulation throughout the wholearchitectural and rehabilitation project process: from the initial conceptualization phases to the evaluation phases of the constructed building.

Thanks to the use of this technology, it is possible to predict the thermal behavior of a building and its air conditioning systems, so that it is possible to evaluate a large number of architectural variants in terms of the use of materials and solutions. From their detailed analysis, those that present a better cost-benefit balance are chosen.


Infrared thermography is a technique with which you can visually predict pathologies and energy losses in buildings (areas with thermal bridges).At Quark we use this technology in energy rehabilitation, in energy audits, in the detection of pathologies, etc.

For energy efficiency, infrared thermography is a primary diagnostic method. The use of thermal imaging cameras allows us to observe faults and adopt solutions to the detected pathologies.

In the thermographic reports  the analysis, the diagnosis and the recommended solutions to undertake are presented.


An energy audit is an inspection, study and analysis of energy flows in an occupied building with the aim of reducing its energy consumption. At the same time, In the process of energy audit of a building, the hydrothermal comfort, healthiness and safety of its facilities are sought to be improved.

In Quark we specialize in the audit of the building envelope. Using energy simulation software we study its optimization by proposing strategies that, in combination with the improvements in the building facilities, provide us with high levels of global efficiency.


The certification of buildings consists of the process in which a certificate of the energetic characteristics of a building is established.

After the energy certification, you get a building qualification or a label that justifies your energy benefits. Quark has accredited technicians in the three certification systems most present in the world: LEED, BREEAM and Passivhaus.

LEED and BREEAM are systems based on a number of categories, each relating to an environmental impact criterion: Transport, Energy, Materials, Water, etc.

Passivhaus focuses on energy consumption and the tightness of buildings to provide buildings of maximum efficiency.

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